I was recently listening to a discussion about how if you want more of something you have to appreciate what you already have. This got me thinking. What do I want more of in my life and, how can I appreciate what I already have? My list included money, health, better relationships, and more opportunities. I would imagine that this list is very similar to a lot of other people’s lists so let’s “unpack this” a little bit.

If we want more money, how can we appreciate what we already have? Just about everyone could come up with $5. Even a person begging on the street would eventually be able to get $5. What can we do with $5? Sometimes when I need a snack during the day I go to Chipotle and get chips and salsa and it costs less than $5! I always really appreciate that snack and it’s very filling. Even small amounts of money are worth something and I appreciate having them.

If we want to be healthier, how can we appreciate what we already have? You might feel like you have a little weight to lose or don’t love the way you look or feel but at least you have legs! Maybe you couldn’t quite finish the run you attempted because you got a cramp but at least you were outside enjoying the sunshine and you ran further than you did a month ago.

Are you looking for love? Do you want better relationships with friends and family? I know this is something that I think about and so do a lot of other people….. Even people who look like they already have it. How can we appreciate what we already have? Do you have a best friend that you really like? Maybe a family member that really loves you?…. Or at the very least maybe you have a Cat, Dog, or Turtle that loves you? Take a moment and appreciate those relationships whenever you can.

Do you want more opportunities? I know I do, I want business opportunities, opportunities to travel, and opportunities to make an impact! What opportunities have I already had? One thing that sticks out in this category is that I’ve had the opportunity to live a life that is generally very safe. I’m not regularly worried about being attacked by anyone and I’ve even lived in a lot of places where I don’t even need to lock the doors (wow!). The fact that I’ve lived this type of life gives me the opportunity to think about these kinds of deeper questions.

Seven years ago when I made the decision to get into business and stop living what I considered to be an adventurous life style I wasn’t sure how it would affect my personal development. I thought I would have to start being a serious business person and wouldn’t have time to reflect. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I’m now more adventurous and deeper in the trenches of personal development than ever before. Finding ways to self motivate and do what you need to do is a huge part of this. I’ll never really be finished or completely satisfied but I’ve had my “cup filled” in all the aforementioned categories of things I want in the past 7 years than any other time in my life. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far. I look forward to many more great things to come for all of us!